Japanese Traditional tattoo patterns to be placed on back.
The Backpiece

Backpiece is tattooed area which occupies entire backside from neck till about 10 – 12 inches below the crease of the buttocks. This is the biggest area of the body that can be tattooed and viewed at one glimpse, that’s why traditionally a back piece normally done as a starting point and a central part of a Japanese bodysuit. The other parts of a body are just a kind of add-ons to support a main subject matter of the backpiece.

Japanese tattoo. Senaka-Noki-Bori
Japanese tattoo. Senaka-Noki-Bori

Senaka Nuki-bori. Full backpiece tattoo.


Traditionally there are 2 different kinds of a backpiece:

* SENAKA NUKI-BORI – A piece of tattoo which takes entire backside done as ‘nuki-bori’ -without any background frame. It said, that this type of tattoo is more feminine, though it is mostly used as a first step for SE-WARI, where all background elements added later.

* SENAKA GAKU-BORI or SE-WARI – Traditional Japanese full back piece which is done as ‘Gaku-Bori’ -framed tattoo and includes buttocks and thighs. This type of tattoo is also called KAME NO KOU: THE TORTOISE SHELL.

Se-Wari. Full backpiece tattoo. Kameno-Kou.
Se-Wari. Full backpiece tattoo. Kameno-Kou.

Senaka Gaku-bori. Se-Wari. Kame-No-Kou.

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