Shishi lion

Japanese tattoo meaning

Shishi (Jishi) Lion which in Western culture also known as lion dogs or foo dogs. Usually shown in pair, surrounded by Peony Flowers.

Stylized Lions originated in Chinese Buddhism. Often shown together one male with a ball(gem of desires, hoshu no tama, which has the power to grant wishes) and one female with a cub, visible only being surrounded by Peony Flowers(Botan) – the queen of flowers.

The ball has a traditional Japanese Pattern – Shippo, seven treasures in Japanese, has a meaning of the unending chain of expansion of harmony and peace. The seven treasures in Buddhism: gold, silver, lapis lazuli, agate, crystal, and Tridacna which believed to live more than a thousand years.

Protective Talisman. Mystical creatures which has magical powers and repel evil spirits and demons, they protect Temple or Shrine (in case of tattooing our temple is our body) from harmful spiritual influences and harmful people that might be a threat.

This particular sleeve took us 7 sessions to finish.

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