Tattoo Artist Magazine

Media publication. Issue # 30, USA. 2012.

From the owner of Tattoo Artist Magazine:

"Tattoo Artist Magazine was created nearly 10 years ago to Educate, Entertain and Inspire professional tattoo artists by featuring the finest tattooers in the world. TAM is and always has been a TRUE community project. Our in-depth interviews are conducted by tattooers with tattooers for tattooers. Each issue contains 3-4 artist features, historical content, professional product reviews, art and gallery events, comic strips, book reviews, travel tips, etc…all contributed by actual tattoo artists who believe in the value of this project. Also included with each issue is a DVD containing multiple video interviews and footage of the artists at work."

Unfortunately the magazine doesn't exist anymore, though some issues are still available online.

Some photos of our works have been published in Tattoo Artist Magazine #30 in 2012.

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